Bank jobs: what qualifications are needed

Bank jobs

Bank jobs provide regular employment and an opportunity to develop people skills. Here we provide an overview of the basic qualifications required.

The necessary qualifications will vary considerably, depending on which particular bank jobs you intend applying for. Banks employ tellers, personal assistants, IT consultants, product advisers, insurance and legal specialists, right up to senior managerial positions. The degree of experience required will be reflected in the minimum qualifications expected.

At the lower end of the scale, banks will expect employees starting in administrative roles to possess excellent schools certificates. The more specialist or technical the position, the greater the need for suitable college or university qualifications. Australian institutions are offering a host of business-orientated certificates, covering everything from core financial skills, to software development disciplines.

People skills
While it’s all very well possessing the relevant certification, you’ll also have to demonstrate excellent ‘life qualifications’.

Working in a bank will expose you to all manner of customers. Some can be quite demanding (understandably, considering they have entrusted your organisation to manage their livelihoods). Others can be downright confrontational. You’ll need to be able to deal with a diverse range of customers, adopting a professional manner with every single one.

As well as the members of the public on the far side of the counter (or at the end of your telephone) you’ll need equally strong communication skills dealing with co-workers, and with your managers.

You’ll also be expected to have strong numeracy skills and an analytical mind.