Cover letters for Government Jobs

government jobs

Government jobs can offer a great range of benefits, job security and of course, job satisfaction. To maximise your chance of getting an interview, spend some time working on your cover letter.

Keep in mind that the application process for government jobs is extremely formalised. Don't try to cut corners with your application - read the instructions carefully and give them what they want.

Lots of advertisements for government jobs state very general criteria. But don't fall into the trap of writing a general cover letter. Take each of the required criteria in turn and explain how you fulfil it. Use examples where possible.

Government departments can often be huge. Try to find out who to address the cover letter to. A 'Dear Sir/Madam' letter just won't cut it in an office of 500! If the job advertisement doesn't state who you should address the letter to, call the HR department to ask.

Be very specific about why you want to work for the government rather than, for example, a private company. Explain what attracted you to this role and how you can perform well in it.