Employment: key attributes employers look for


Applying for employment can be stressful but you can prepare yourself. Here we list the four biggest attributes employers will be looking for.

An employer will be impressed if you can demonstrate self-reliance. Proactive workers can accept responsibility to get on with tasks, rather than staff who simply wait to accept orders.

Employers will be looking for people who are motivated and keen, who are inquisitive about what they are doing. They will be especially impressed by individuals who analyse their work and come up with suggestions about improvements.

Other key aspects of reliability are the ability to plan ahead and prioritise.

Employment skills
Employers expect job applicants to be arriving already equipped with basic skills. This covers a range of topics, from problem-solving to flexibility, business acumen and numeracy to computer literacy.

This latter factor is fairly crucial in today’s working environment where so much relies on technology.

People skills
Team working is an essential part of any business. Employers will expect you to be a good communicator who displays enthusiasm and interacts well with colleagues. They’ll always be keeping a close eye out for potential leaders.

An employer will be impressed by specific skills you've honed, whether that be in IT, a second language, or other qualifications relevant to their own area of expertise.