Top Australian Jobs for Foreigners

jobs for foreigners

With the Australian economy going strong, there are some great jobs for foreigners available. Here are the top five opportunities...

Teaching jobs: You can come to Australia independently or as a sponsored employee. Teachers are in-demand in Australia, and secondary school and pre-school teachers are especially sought after.

Mining jobs: The mining industry offers a range of opportunities, from engineers to labourers to catering staff. Positions tend to be well paid with good benefits.

Nursing jobs: Nurses are in high demand in Australia, and if you're a qualified professional you shouldn't have any trouble getting work in Australia. Nurses with specialisms tend to be better paid than general nursing staff.

Accounting jobs: If you're a qualified accountant, you could move to Australia as an independent migrant. Accountants are highly sought after and well paid.

IT jobs: Australia's booming IT industry has created many roles from systems analysts, software engineers, programmers and other IT professionals. You could be eligible for a number of different Australia visas.